Gift deed under loan

My mother had been given a land in the form of gift deed by her mother and brother. My father mortgaged the property to a bank and took a loan and my mother signed as the gaurentor. He passed away recently. After his demise, we learned that he had other debts. 1) There were 2 loans under my father's name including the above, in the same bank. The bank insists on clearing the gold loan before we can work on the land loan. However, the gold loan is much more than the worth of gold. On the other hand, the land is much more valuable than the loan amount. Is there any way we can avoid the gold loan and just take care of the land loan. My mother did not sign for the gold loan, but the bank insists on getting the Legal heir documents and clearing the gold loan. We have money constraints at this point. 2)Is the land (gift deed)legally under threat if somebody approaches court regarding the debt that my father did not clear, if my mother co-signed on the promissory notes 3) To keep he land safe as it is our only property left, is it better to transfer it as gift to a trusted relative in order to avoid legal proceedings 4) Are there good resources about gift deed properties and rights. Thank you much!