Legal opinion required on my second marriage

I am a Muslim who got married on May 2008 and registered in Special Marriage Act on Oct 2008 as part having legal records. Unfortunately my first wife deserted me on Oct 2011 with my 2 children. Till April 2015, myself took herculean effort for reunion considering my 2 children. Even filed conjugal rights on June 2014 after which she filed section 498a against me and my family as part of causing mental cruelty to me. Counseling failed in district family court and High Court even. She was not ready for any conciliation. Since all my effort failed, I issue 2 Talaaq on April and May 2015 allowing a reconciliation period for her to reunite. After issue of 2nd Talaaq, my Jamaath called up for counselling but it too failed. With no chances of reunion, I issue the 3rd Talaaq on June 2015. Now Talaaq is issued under Islamic Sharia and inline with Supreme Court Guidelines as stated in Shamim Ara v. State of U.P. and another. On December 2015, I got married to a Muslim woman as per Islamic Sharia. Recently my ex-wife knew about this and is threatening me with legal consequences. My question is, will I be convicted as the registration under Special Marriage Act is not yet dissolved but Talaaq has been issued and she is aware of it? Her sole aim is to desert my life. Neither she wont live and not allow me to live a peaceful life. Please advise me on how should I counter react to this situation as part of self defense and what are the sections applicable to this? Please note that my herculean effort failed after which I had to pronounce Talaaq. I have all records for this. Many thanks for reading my question. All I expect is a very precise solution for this. Thanks Again!!!