Divorce Procedure

I am posting this on behalf of my sister who is expecting divorce from her husband as she is not willing to continue her life with him. I am not sure if most of the reason she depict will be accepted legally. However, I would like to know how to proceed and help her for her better future. The reason she presents * He gives mental stress to my sister and keep torturing even during menstrual periods. * Always doubts on her character and tease her in front of public all time * She will never been disclosed for expenses he makes though he is less financial contributor. * There was a surprise he received message from married lady in the middle of night and keep supporting her and never accepts his mistakes Message - 1. I love u, 2. I want mouthing 3. Bangalore is so cold, I want u, hug u (typed as the message appears in whatsapp) * His infertility never allowed my sister to give birth to a child * Consume alcohol at home and torture her. * His parents keep abusing Please do reply in my ID - [deleted]