How to get rid of a girl who is torturing my parents?

My Brother got married in 2010 to a girl who is our relative. they married in a temple and there is no proof of marriage. From the third day of the marriage she started complaining about my parents. Which is not true. So, my brother took her and starting living separately from my parents. Even though she went to Police station and filed a case against my parents under harassment of dowry. Then Circle Inspector gave counseling to that girl because the case is false. Then they had to children, from the day one my parents are looking after two boys. Now she is not living with my brother she is living alone in another town even her parents are no bothered about her. Now she went to police station to get her children back (not even asking us to give them back). We are ready to do that. She took one of the children and returned back within a week. Now again she came back and asked for the children so we gave both of them. Then she came along with her friend and asked for her furniture, even we are ready to give that. But my mother said that there is no one in the house now (As my father went to our land site and my brother is out of station), then that girl abused my mother very badly. Is there any way to proceed against her in legal. Thank you, Pavan.