Domestic Violence

Husband abandoned me and the new born child and secretly filed a case for divorce on grounds of cruelty. He has no proofs and the case is baseless except for a recording that he did when i called him and asked him to come back to the house and take care of the baby. I repeatedly kept on asking him to come back where he was denying and ultimately I had to use light abuses for him but all in vain. The case is running for last 2 years and since then, he has stopped all financial assistance for me and the child. He claims that since I earn, he doesn't need to finance. He or his parents have never enquired about the baby. It was a shock for me to receive the notice from the court as I was busy in nursing the baby. He was paying rent for the house but he has stopped giving that as well. It is more than 2 years that I am supporting the child alone. Can I file a domestic violence on him for intentional desertion and not fulfilling his duties both as a husband and a father? The child has never seen him and don't even relate to concept of a father. As a woman, it is not my job to beg for fatherly affection from a person who is playing such games with me and his own baby. He has my bank account but never gave us anything. He claimed in the court that I never asked for anything, so he is not giving.