False use of cheque

My dad to help his cousin had given him 3 cheques of rs 12 lacks rs 12.5 lacks and rs 12.5 lacks. A total of rs 37 lacks to show a financer as seed money. Only to show. Which he presented wrongly just before 6 months of issuing the cheque. He sent a personal notice via email and claims to also send it via post. He claimed in court that he was appointed by my company of which I'm a proprietor, on a salary of rs 2 lacks per month but the cheque was issued from my dad's company which is a chartered accountancy firm. There is no connection between the 2 companies. We have proved in court that he does not have any appointment letter nor is his claim true. the applicant had no proof to show in court of any such agreement. The judge in the lower court exactly knew what was happening and would not take him seriously. Even his lawyer left the case mid way. He pleaded the judge to give him a chance to find a new lawyer which the judge accepted. To me and my dad's bad luck, that judge got transferred and a new judge had joined the court. The applicant also found a new lawyer. Even though the case was clear missuse of cheques, the judge passed a judgement against us. The whole court was shocked as even the staff knew about the case. We have filed an appeal in the sessions court. I'm worried if the same happens here it will create a lot of problems in my family. What is the way out.