Trees in my land

Hi. Its been almost a year since a dispute betwen myself and my neighbours been on. The issue is that I have a coconut tree, a mangoe tree , several betelnut trees, tree of golden flower cassia( very auspicious to keralites) and few flowering bushes close to the boundary of my neighbour. When we had planted these trees their plot was empty and a few years back they built a house their and they are staying i that house. Since then I have cut all the branches lying to their plot and Im also sure no roots are grown to their plot as their boundary wall basement is put really deep and also into my plot. At present my neighbour wants me to cut off all those trees that is on my plot because they say the dry leaves fall into their compound and they also allegedly say that planting of trees should be atleast 2 feet away from the boundary wall. Im not sure if such laws are actually right or if they are making up. These trees are a part of earning to my family as betel nuts are often sold , and casia fistula is a religiously auspicious tree, and mango tree is also a very important, we do not want to cut off any of these. My question is that is there a provision in indian law that support me? Or is it necessary to cut them down? Kindly help.