Case from dept falsely under sec 406,409,420

Sir I am a Je in electricity distribution company govt organisation. There I raided many premises and caught theft. A line man is involved in all that thing I write a letter to higher authority so they become unhappy and alleged me that main line man ko paresaan kr rha hoon. And suspended me . after they give me charge sheet after 45 days and on receiving it before I understand the allegation they lodge a fir under 406,409,420 alleging that I have taken money 10onsumers 8 months before for temporary connection and did not give them receipt. I would like to tell you that time period of that temporary connection finish in January and the complain was in month of June . consumer have not a single paper that I have taken money and dept not have a single paper so he can proof that they are his consumer. So he involve that line man as evidence that money is given before him. I got anticipatory bail from high court. Now I want to go for quashing of fir can I sought for natural justice and baseless and malice fir by dept. What are chances of 482. And what is the result of this case. Pls suggest me as I have qualified psc exam and now I need noc from dept . I was also in probation. Suggest me some points so I can get rid of it soon and safely and can join new job. Suggest for 482 and revision on charge which is more beneficial. There is not a single paper of money transaction and forgery document .