Who is the Legal Heir of the property and How to share it?

A Person 'A' is working in a govt organisation. He along with his family consisting of his wife 'B' and three children 'C' is the eldest daughter(First person born to 'A' and 'B'), 'D' is the son (Second person born to 'A' and 'B')and 'C' is the youngest daughter(Third person born to 'A' and 'B') lived in a govt organisation quartress. He('A') has done his daughter's (C) marriage while he was in govt service. One fine day he got retired from the service and continued to live in the organisation quartress. As he has lived in that quartress for more than 30 years he along with his co-retired employees who are in the same situation like him requested the govt organisation('A' was alive at this time) to give the house which they were living for their own as they were paying the rent and taxes for it for these many years but the govt organisation refused to give the property to them. So they appealed to court (By the time case has filed in court 'A' demised and the petitioner was his wife 'B' now) to give justice. After 25-30 years court has given judgement in favor of retired employees that the govt organisation has to give the property to retired employees for the cost of evaluation of the property as on date price. Now 'B' who is the wife of 'A' got A's pension after his demise and is the only source of income for her. As per the judgement given by the court, 'B' took no objection from two of her daughter's and son to get registered the property on her name. In that process She ('B') took 90% of the money (which is required to buy the property) from her son 'D' without any agreements(there is no proof that his son 'D' has given the money to her) and she has invested 10% from her pocket and registered the property on her name and the invoice given by the govt organisation for the amount paid to buy the property is on her('B') name. Weather 'B' has rights to give the property to any one as of her wish? How did the property came to 'B' (like self earned property or ancestors property)? If it is self earned property of 'B' then do 'B' have rights to give the property to any one? If it is a ancestors property then how the property is divided among mother and her children? If property is divided then what about the Son 'D' who gave 90% of the money to his mother?