DV and Property Demand from Daughter in law after son death

My son committed suicide when he was staying with me , my wife and his wife. He has no child. His wife gone to her parents just 4 days ahead of committing suicide. This suicide is due to pressure from his in laws. We all were staying together. Now she is demanding house property rights/money from us. House is on my wife name and has been from my earned money. although he was staying with me but for some reason he used to pay a minimum amount as rent as per income tax procedures. He was govt servant. In his suicide note he has not blamed anyone but said that "Do not let her wife enter in this house". So i wanted to ask that can she claim anything by using joint family or shared household from me or my wife. We both are senior citizen. I have been retired from my services 5 years back. Some of her household items like bed etc. are still in this house. I have not taken any money from my son to purchase this house and moreover house is on my wife's name. From the day of suicide we have not let her enter the house as per his last wish and earlier drama created by her parents etc. Now she has filed DV for section 12 etc. So she is demanding share of house/money maintenance 10 lac,medical etc. So what are my options Please guide me.