Appeal on Maintenance case to higher court

Respected Sri / Madam, Lower court has decided a maintenance to wife. But currently my brother has lost the job from the company where he was working due to frequent leaves from his job to attend the courts which were too horrible thrice in a month and he has to travel from Delhi to Mumbai for attending the court Now question is 1) As he is job less can he go for appeal for the amount of maintenance as it was decided based on his salary slip while he was earning. 2) If appeal has to be made within how many days he has to go far it, whether it is counted from the date of judgment or the issue of the orders copy. 3) whether we can change the lawyer in the upper court, in this case what concurrence has to be taken from the old lawyer. 4) His wife has left out on her own, but now blaming a lot which any one would not have sufficient means to prove, allegations such as " not giving food, asked for abort, not caring etc." which we cannot prove it but courts are always take it granted that what were the women says is right based on the affidavit, but for men to prove with the documents. 5) . As nothing has done for any ill treatment, request to suggest on which grounds we should appeal. Regards, Suresh Mheta