Matrimonial Issues

I got married on 2014 May whereas my life has been ruined by many reasons from my in laws and wife had taken a decision and went off on the same year. We haven't lived together with any love & understandings not more than 3 months except physical understanding( am sorry to quote this it's a pain for me that much i had love on my wife). Now, it's almost 1.5 years gone away where i have reached many times to my in law and their relatives to know where exactly my wife was in a middle of 6 mnths time. later got to know that she is no more interested to live with me dont know what exact reason behind that.. still i requested all their relatives to forgive & forget what the mistakes had happened from both ends relatives are accepting whereas my in law is not allowing to continue my matrimonial life further and they are asking me to prepare a Bonding agreement to get mutual separation from local panchayat people frm their town & they are not interested to step for court. i really dont know what am i suppose to do ? i clearly told them, i cannot give divorce to my wife whereas they are asking me to live separately like this for future how is that possible ? Is that possible way shall i file a police complaint against them to bring down to court or what am i suppose to do regarding this further ? my local lawyers have suggested me here to file a RCR or ABS to produce her in court ? i felt by reading all your advise on many which is not correct decision by my lawyer..! Can you please guide me how to resolve the marriage life either way to live or to give divorce for her without any compensation to them cause i loved her that much and have enjoyed the 3 months of time happily in taking various outstation & out of country also have spent more lacs for my marriage expenses thought of good life now it is now been rulled out. i am in a position to answer many people inside & outside society, family & organization to be answered in either got mentally disturbed( couldn't concentrate on work) and lost my job due to this. Since my in law are not allowing me to "live or not to live". What will be the best act should i further proceed on this to bring down them in front of honorable justice or whoever my lawyer is going to be.?