Ridhima vs state of delhi

Armaan Mallik and Ridhima Gupta are students of CBIT Engineering College, Delhi. They are pursuing their II year. Armaan is a very boisterous person and a known prankster. He once set off fire crackers in the class when the lecturer was teaching. Ridhima, on the other hand, is an introvert and was known to have temper issues. Armaan always used to tease Ridhima, who was obese, and would refer to her as a ?moti bhains?. He spread rumours about Ridhima saying that she is a drug addict. On one occasion, she lost her temper and slapped Armaan too. From then on, she made the fact that she hated him known explicitly. 2. On 5th November 2012, at around 5:45 pm, Armaan texted Ridhima from her friend and classmate?s phone asking her to come to the college auditorium immediately to talk about something very important. Ridhima rushed to the auditorium and on reaching, she found it empty. As soon as she entered, at around 6:00 pm, Armaan turned off all the lights, cut off the power supply and locked the auditorium from outside. Ridhima panicked and started banging at the doors. She cried for help and ran around looking for an exit. She remained in that state for about half an hour. At around 6:30 pm, on hearing someone at the door, she hid behind it, holding a wooden stick she found in the auditorium. As soon as Armaan entered, she administered a blow on his head from behind with that stick. Soon after Armaan collapsed, she dropped the stick, ran out and locked the door from outside. The CCTV footage obtained from the camera positioned outside the auditorium, towards the entrance, clearly captured Ridhima entering, Armaan entering and thereafter Ridhima leaving. The wooden rod used was recovered from the garbage bin nearby. Ridhima?s friends stated that on finding her nervous, they questioned her persistently about what was wrong. However, they said, she refused to answer, took a tranquilizer and went to sleep. 3. On 6th November, at around 8:00 pm, Armaan Mallik was found lying in a pool of blood in the auditorium by a group of students. According to the post mortem report, he gradually bled to his death due to the wound at the back of his head. Ridhima Gupta has been arrested and an FIR filed against her. She is sought to be prosecuted for the murder of Armaan Mallik. 4. The matter is scheduled for hearing in the Sessions Court, Delhi. Argue on behalf of- (1) State of Delhi; (2) Ridhima Gupta. please help me in this case this very important to me i need some points from state side to make this case stronger