Should i require both a legal heir and succession certificate?

Hi All, My name is marcel and I am from Bangalore. My father passed away in bahrain last month on the 2nd Dec 2015. His company asked us to get a legal heir certificate for the following things :- 1) Company's settlement 2) For selling his car that is on his name 3) For closing his bank account As of here in bangalore :- 1) House ownership, electricity bill and water bill needs to be changed from his name. Now our major concern is the 3 things mentioned in bahrain. His company people asked us to get the legal heir certificate and also submit it to the ministry of external affairs and also get it attested by bahrain embassy in india. Questions :- 1) Do we need to obtain a succession certificate or a legal heir certificate for this, as this case is related to an international country, which certificate would serve the purpose? 2) When we had applied for legal heir certificate here in bangalore, They said that legal heir certificate would be given only to an govt employee, So they said we can apply for a family tree which we did and also got an supporting document from the revenue department of karnataka. On sending this to the company, They said this would not serve the purpose and asked us to get a legal heir certificate. 3) on gathering info from the resources here, They said that we ll have to declare the total value of whatever needs to be received from Bahrain. Depending on the value that we declare there are certain slabs on which % will be calculated and needs to be paid as court fees. Is this true? 4) After receiving the succession or legal heir certificate( which ever serves my purpose ). Do i need to submit it to the ministry of external affairs and get it attested by bahrain embassy in india? 5) how long is this procedure and how much will it cost approximately? I am the only son and my mother will become the next legal heir after my father. Please help us out as to what certificate needs to be obtained? Thanks