Best way to tackle ICICI Insurance Fraud

REF: and Hi , One of the insurance agent faked and cheated me to "ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan" telling me that this a one time policy. He was sent by my friend so trusted on his words. So I invested RS 4 lakh. Later I found that I have to pay RS 4 Lakh for 7 years and policy will mature after 15 years. With pressure from ICICI Pru I paid premium for 3 years (12 Lakh Plus tax) till today hoping I can get back something with loss after 3 years. The Policy wordings says as follows - from "The NGSV will be equal to the present value of PUSA, discounted at the Gross Redemption Yield at the Review Date t&c4 immediately preceding the date of surrender, plus 2% per annum" I calculated this amount and comes to be around INR 10 lakh. However ICICI Pru is saying I can only get RS 4 Lakh and not disclosing the formula by which they came up with reduced value. I will like to take Legal proceedings on this matter and go to court to recover the fair surrender value as I feel heavily cheated and orphaned. Also please advise any estimate on how much time does this case requires to sort out and average expenditure. Please advise. My email - [deleted]