Daughters Right in Ancestral Property

Dear Sir, This is chetan Shankar from Bangalore.First of all thanks for doing such a great job of helping people with such a community. I need to ask about the ancestral propery rights for daughters. This is the case relating to my mother and my grand father property.She has filed a case in Bangalore sessions court for equal rights in property against his brother as per 1956 law. Since my grand father died in the year 2003 and the case is registered in court in 2006 against his own brother who is custodian of the property. I read the recent supreme court judgement that as said that the 2005 amendment in Hindu law will not give property rights to a daughter if the father died before the amendment came into force. Also,before my grandfather death he has given some property in the form of Gift and registered Will which we are enjoying now. Please let me know if it is sensible to peruse the case even after the recent supreme court judgement.Let me know if i need to put any other details above.