Sell policy by fraud by sbi

I had taken a loan of 18 lakh from sbi.They told me that SBI Life krinn raksha is mandatory and Without my knowledge Give me policy of 211000 and not only policy of amount but gave a loan for this policy.I know about it when i got msgs from other loan account for pending of emi.Then i shocked that they gave me policy of 211000 and after that loan for it which amount 6 lacs with interest.They take my sign on agreement where in ploicy it is written if it is requested but i was not request in written for any policy even i dont know about the policy plan.what can i do.they send two sbi life insuranc policy by courier.One on my mother name that's per year premium is 37 k something and one to me that's premium 4900 something.I told Branch manager that it is fraud that he gave me policy without telling the specifications of product and without my writeen request then he told me I can stop policy but he had paid 41118 for first year premium so I have to pay it on emis.I am not understanding for what I should pay 41k.