Release deed cancellation

My father had a property owned by self and the property was in his name. He died in 2000 and we continued paying tax and the property was still in my father’s name for few years. We are 3 children for parents - 2 daughter's and one son. Son wanted share in the property after his marriage for which Mother decided to prepare a property released legally and get the complete property hold in her name. With this Son got his share of money which is mentioned in the paper and we daughters did not claim for any money or share at that point of time it is mentioned in the paper but released the property for Mother so that she can lead rest of her life in peace without any issue. In the paper its mentioned she has got all the rights to enjoy the property but no were its mentioned she has got all the rights to sell the property it also not mentioned that she don’t have any rights to sell the property nothing about selling the property. At the time of getting released from daughter’s she promised that she will make a will in the name of both daughter’s name so that we should not feel that we were cheated without getting any share, she kept her promise and registered the will. Now she is planning to sell the property without informing daughter’s for money with the support of few friends and without even informing any family members. Can I cancel the release deed (Hakku Bedugade).