Divorce- urgent

Hi, I and my wife both are from Kolkata, West Bengal and we both are Hindu. Last Year I did Court Marriage with a girl but after that things suddenly changing wrong for her. She suddenly felt that the Registry Certificate which I obtained is a mere paper and not a relationship, and it could be ended at ant point of time. She suddenly felt desperate to get out of this 'paper relationship'(according to her). Few things I should mention that although we did the Registry Marriage but we didn't lived together for a single day and now its more than one year. However, she has become more desperate to get out of this and inspite of my several humble requests she insist of getting separated. 1. Now, I would be highly obliged if u kindly let me know that what should I do at this point of time? (It is sure that she will not agree to carry forward this and she is eager to bring an end to this) 2. Secondly, how should I proceed for Divorce that would take the minimum time and would be the easiest? 3. As the Divorce is from her side, do I need to pay her anything or alimony to get Divorced? 4. Kindly answer me in details about where to go and what to do and everything in details as I don't know anything about this.