How to Protect Myself

Sir, I am 25 years old, private employee working in Visakhkapatnam, AP. On 19th March 2014, my Father called up with false intimation that my Grand Ma was sick. But when i have reached there I have realised that they are just called me to fix a marriage with a Worse Scoundrel and un educated and all types of habituated wrong person just because that he is not taking dowry and he has helped my father with Rs. 10000/- during my education. As my mum and dad were emotionally blackmailed that they would end up their lives or they would get bad names if their word of mouth is not fulfilled, i unwillingfully got married to that animal in a Church and instantly it got Marriage Registration Certificate. Except that there were no photos, videos. Soon after marriage both of us kept in room for 10 days where in we supposed to indulge in physical intimacy but i have not at all allowed that guy to touch me as i hate that relationship. When I came to visakhapatnam, i have resumed to my duties and have been working till date. After that that so called my husband went to Gulf countries and i have received hardly twice or thrice a call from him demanding whether i would come my home town leaving my job permanently and be with him or not for which i am not at all willing. Apart from that he never taken any care or responsibility of mine. How ever again few days ago again my father planned a false web, due to which again i believed him blindly, went to my home town as my so called husband came from dubai. Now my parents want me to go to his house and be with him for which i have seriously objected and calmly made come positive words with which i succeeded in relocating to my work place without any danger. Now, I wish to get separated from him. If any one of my parents come and forcefully try to take me along with them how should i protect myself ? Can i create a divorce notice (mutual divorce petition as he is also not interested in me) or normal divorce notice and send it to his local address (another city in andhra) so that it get signed by him and my divorce gets issued? what exactly to be done and how tobe done ? when i approached local lawyer they are asking 15000...i m unable to afford that much. As there are petty political Rep, Police in my near family do i need to contact Press to protect myself ? what should i do? Please reply immediately ..! Further, I have acquired Passport stating that i m single but when police went to my home town my parents simply spoiled that enquiry and told the cop that i got married resulting which the enquiry mentioned as adverse..but later i got passport. Now i got notice from Passport office that i have lied and i should produce marriage certificate or affidavit. When i have contacted local passport official, they are insisting that i should produce only marriage certificate as my PP has been stopped online, even though it got issued and in my hands.. what to do..