Misappropriation in the name of farmers by co operative society

FIR (408,420,467,468,471,474,477(1),120-B) registered on the chairman of the Co op society for misappropriation (70,000 Rs.) in the name of 2 farmers by District registrar, Co op society, government . after then other farmers of my village complained to the police station that misappropriation (20,0000 Rs.) also done in their's name by this co operative society. yet police done nothing as six months already passed ,so one of the farmers got order from the high court for Direction to lodge FIR to the police inspector. so will police register FIR or it will club all the cases in the previously registered FIR ? accused chairman already got bail from district session court when first FIR was registered. This is the clearest case of forgery and strong evidence like farmer expired in 2003 and this co-operative society granted a loan in the year - 2004. so what to do to cancel anticipatory bail of accused.? role of police is doubt as not doing the proper investigation. not only the chairman but committee members of the society , bank administrative, etc. can be a part of this scam because they have done the misappropriation in the name of farmers and also got the benefit from government debt relief fund. at the first sight (prima facie) strong enough evidence submitted against accused like to grant a loan in the name of minor, deceased people , granted a loan to the people who are not members of the society. so what to do to cancel the bail and chances of cancellation of bail of accused ? accused is the most politically active and the chairman of many institutes. Fighting for justice for my village farmer rights.