Hi I got Married in May 2015 and after 1 month of the marriage. My wife has started creating misunderstanding in me and my family and started making mistrust/doubts on me and got very aggressive. After that she started forcing me to stay separate from my parents (indirectly) and not ready to leave at my current house just because of she not feeling well at the place. During this period my mother has got minor heart attack because of her such behavior. she has created lots of problem in my family. From last 3 months she is not leaving with me and my family. she is living with her father as she saying. We have no child yet. I wanted get separate from her without any clashes. We were informing her parents time to time of her behavior and her every relative were committed us for the improvement of her behavior. But she not improved. she is aggressively arrogant. I Don't want to stay with her any more, or else my life will be worst. I can not get separate from my parents as I have no brother and having responsibility of my family. She is not ready for divorce by mutually understanding. I got very frustrated, she is not understanding at all and aggressive too. When can I apply for Divorce? Do I need to pay maintenance to her for this kind of behavior? If yes then how much in case she is working and not working. she educated as I am. What will be other clauses she can apply on me. What will be other consequences if I am not capable to pay her maintenance?