How best one can use RTI on water crisis widely & deeply?

Water crisis existing and impending is not understood as it deserves. I am in the process of applying RTI to Lok Sbha ( for exhaustive discussion and action-bring out white paper?) and also central Govt. I have many news paper reports and studied by institutes and individuals on the subject. As of now my feeling is RTI is limited and made to suit establishment meaning politicians and Executive. How best can i explore? What avenues? While i am as an water devotee and i find myself helpless and a kind of desperateness. I wish i should share all the data/input i ahve with some legal luminaries who can help me. 'No water,no blue,no green and no life'. 'Feel reverence to water. Water is life. life itself'. It is amazing make in India,digital India..... that & this India suffer hugely, if not come to a standstill and lead to unheard human sufferings, if there is no adequate water India. It is pure common sense. It is great service to humanity,if we can take it up seriously. Warm regards. s.dinni