Domestic and criminal voilance from son and his wife

Hi I am a Mother of two sons, eldrst son is married and got a kid and youngest son is in abroad. Unfortunately my Husband passed away as soon as my elder son got engaged. I am facing very bad and terrible difficulties in the house every day, it has been 9 years now only thing is it is getting extreme day by day. I want them to leave my flat ASAP and I want to do this legally. My husband got a house of 2floors with flats. We have rented all flats and living in one. I don't get lot of money to live on. I have been forced to feed, look after and do all the house work. I have not been supported with even a penny, I am using all my rent money to feed and look after my 40yr old son, his wife and his son. Apart from that I am facing terrible verbal and physical abuse in the house, which is making my living conditions very hard. I asked them to leave the house and leave me alone, they said no. I said I will let you live in different flat in same building, they said no. I said I will give flat to live and will give you some money for food. They said no. They want me to give them thier part of the property share, untill that they will live in same flat and trouble me. I am terribly frustrated. My youngest son is very very helpful to me, and he always support and help me in all the way, only thing is is is not in India. we all agreed and said we will sell the property and share the cash in 3 parts. But it cannot be done in over night it takes time, u till that I need my own space. I have been verbally abused all the time at home with all bad languages by my son and his wife and even my son's wife physically abused me my harming my arm which led to terrible bleeding. Got the doctors report and physical witness of neighbours who has seen. Can some one please help me how do I solve this problem legally. I want to be always safe and handle the things legally and quickly. I want them to leave my flat ASAP as it is not safe for me they staying with me. They say, it's my dad's property I got legally permission to stay, however the property is handed over my grand dad so grandchildren has more power then you (Mother). Please send me an e mail to my son in abroad or phone him on my behalf, Coz I don't even have freedom to attend the phone call at my flat. I need help ASAP, please some one helpe me solve this problem. Thanks a lot.