What to do to get recover my lent money to my friend

I am from Patna and was doing a job in Nagpur. There I had a friend in working in same company and as room partener. My friend asked me economical help on the name of his sister & I lended him with money saying that he will return my money in 2 days. Then after 2 days he said as I don't have right now I will give you in next month and saying that I am here only and as we were room partner I thought where he will go. He will return my money. But he didn't. Just time flew and I was not in that need so I gave him more time and time. But after few months I moved to Pune and he said I will transfer your money in next 5-10 days. So I gave him my account number with all detail. But he didn't returned my money. I called him then he said I lost my job and don't have money. I enquired from my friends then they also said he is not having job right now. Still I called him and shown my case of emergency and asked him to return in installment. At first he agreed but didn't return. Now when I call he ignores my call and doesn't even pick up the call and I do message over whatsapp & facebook but he just ignores it. Also, I am not getting what to do as I don't have his complete address such that I can send him letter. I do have only his contact number and village name. Please help me what to do in this case.