Alimony and divorce

I am 29 years old and wife is 27 yers.we married on 15-02-15 my wife reported to mahila police station indore complaining about physical torture on basis of dowry.FIR is still not filed by police. She made many false allegation.I am a government servant and my salary is 24862. My wife is very uncultured, arrogant and very stubborn.She never accept her mistake and torturing me from the starting.My in-laws supporting her in her 9 months of our marriage almost 99%times we lived happily except her misbehaviour which i avoided to give her a span of time to improve herself,but she taken it as granted.During this time from feb to nov end we had 4 quarells.nature of quarel is not so sensitive but at all instances she made it worse.finally she and her family has a perception that they want justice against phyical torture and want me to get behind bars. I am ver worried because her sister is very rich and i am only son of my widow mother.I am suffered from her mental cruelity.she always ...all times blaming me restrict me of other women.She does not allowed me to do my office work on internet.not allowed to stand outside not on terace.not allow me to talk to my female staff members.and not to talk with my sisters and family member on whatsapp.overall harrassing me.i m not so much financially strong but continiously demanding about gold.she even demand my engagement ring back with which i emotionally attached.i am harrased completely.and i and my mother very worried about court case. she had done d.pharma and give her drug licence on lease to a local chemist in indore.we lived in ratlam after marriage. plz suggest what we can do inlaws and my wife want revenge. if FIR is filed and what kind of charges filed on me.what amout of alimony i have to pay.