Advice needed

I am 36 years old, I got married in 2014, I am married to one of ex-colleague we worked in same department in 2008-09 but were in different cities, but in 2010 I have changed my organization and even she has resigned and later we both have lost contacts completely, in 2014 her parents have seen my profile in matrimony website and contacted my family and that is how the alliance discussion started and finally we got married in June – 2014. Thought we both had multiple discussions before our marriage and we both have discussed on various plans of how to lead the marriage life etc but after marriage nothing worked out, point to note here is my wife has one elder sister and she was not married then. i.e my wife and me got married first and after 6 months her elder sister got married, during our marriage period since her elder sister was not married there was certainly some disturbances specially from her parents and there were insisting to delay the marriage but my wife kept on insisting me regularly not to accept her parents wish to delay the marriage we can get married first and my elder sister will any how get suitable match and I was complete out of my minds during that period and even my parents were insisting on marriage to be delayed but we both managed to discuss and convince and finally the marriage ceremony was completed with some disturbances, we being Brahman is we do not have any dowry system nor we have taken any money from them, of the total marriage expense, they have contributed 3,00,000 rupees and all other expense was born by me and my parents and overall for both engagement and marriage we have spent nearly 8 lakhs which is over and above 3 lakhs what they have given. Now I had no clue of how my wife was planning and making all the promises to me just before the marriage, but within 2 days of the marriage she started showing her true colors, during the initial 2 months we were living with my parents, where my father has a big house of 5BHK, but my wife started fighting with me and my mother for every small topic and during the stay of 2 months at my father’s home there were multiple fights, and i am an idiot were I had no clue of what was happening during that 1st one month of the marriage and in the month of August/ September, we had to go for a medical checkup and found that my wife was pregnant, and as soon as I realized it I started feeling the heat and she was abusing me every day on multiple small topics and every day were arguing having bad discussion and ie when she started compelling me to take a separate house and move our separately and then even I thought it was better as at least I can keep my elderly parents away from this fighting’s we were having every day, but as soon as we moved to a separate house which is about 15-18 kms away from my parents’ house, my wife started putting restrictions on me not to go my parents, not to visit my sister not to talk to them etc etc but I could not stop it as after all they are my family members but when she noticed that I am still talking and meeting my parents she started of new story and started threatening me that I have some other relation with some other females etc etc and she has warned me multiple times that if I don’t stop meeting my parents she will go ahead file a domestic violence case against me and make sure I am punished, infact in between she has even cut her hands once and I had to apply trumuric and ensure there is no much blood flow, now we even have a baby with us, and that is another big issue she has started created, that I could not give birth to a baby boy, I have 2 siblings and both of them have 2 children each my brother has 2 sons and my sister has 1 daughter and 1 son, now since our first baby is a girl she has one additional reason to abuse me stating I could not give birth to a baby boy, because her parents had only 2 daughters and all in her family were insisting for a baby boy, where as I have no such restrictions because I don’t have any such obligation and more over my parents always insistned girl baby because my elder brother has only 2 sons…. Even today I am staying separately with my wife and every day there is one or the other arguments she keeps bringing in and keeps abusing me of not able to give birth to a baby boy, also not to forget she is a complete money minded person and since her parents does not have male child and they don’t have own house (I mean her parents) are still living in rented house and her father had to still work to find his living, now that both the daughters are married and gone separately, and my wife is not able to bare this and she keeps comparing her parents to my parents and keep initiating some or the other quarrels and I am now really worried with this bad attitude, and since she is threatening every day I am really worried that I and my parents ( thought my parents don’t live with us they live in their own house , I am really worried. Kindly help to get m below queries addressed. 1) Since past 1.4 months me and my wife never had any marital relationship ( I mean physical) i.e ever since we got to know that she is pregnant.. and I am really frustrated with this life, and my wife kept on fighting with me every day for smallest possible point to all the points in the world and kept on restricting me and I don’t want to lead this life any more 2) She is completely money minded and she has all her eyes on my parents’ house and she is making all her plans to make allegations on me and try to take my father’s property and this is being planned by my wife and her mother because they do not have own house and I am really worried – is there a way I can get divorced to her to make sure me nor my parents are getting any sort of trouble because of her cruel thinking 3) She has new plans every day and I am not able to understand how to keep myself away from not fighting with her, I have tried all the possible ways but never it happened 4) Please help me a way out from this dirty situation which I am now in..also I am physically and mentally becoming week every day and I am even worried that I will have some heart related problems soon if I continue to live in this sort of life for long time. 5) Last but not the least if you think I have no choice and but to continue living in such life I have no choice but to go and commit suicide / kill myself and if I really do something like that and kill myself, will my wife has any right on my fathers property or will she have any right over my father’s property or money.