Relaetd to Marriage dispute

Hello ALL, My elder brother's wife is the cuause of all trouble since 15 May 2014 when they got married, 1. On 7 march 2015 my Father seprated my brother and his wife from his all property and filed a case for the same as My brother's in laws , his wife and her other family memebers were trying to make pressure for illegal extortion and were demading portion in my father's property. 2. My brother was also harresing by his wife and her other family members as she has put conditon that she will not be back and will not live with him untill half of property would not be on his name. 3. My brother filed sec - 9 against his wife on 1-Sep-2015 and our lawyer sent mulitple notices, But My brother's wife was still making pressure on my father by sending so called relatives but actual gundas and making noice outside my parents home and after that my father got other threatning calles so my father drop an application on 27 Aug in near police station and SP office informing that he has seprated his son and daughter in law becaue they were demanding property and trying to threat us by 498a and other charges. it's investigation took place and our complaint had been registered . 4. My parents are senior citizen due threating envoirnement, he decieded to leave our newly constructed home and start living in village, now when my so Called babhi and her gundas got only Lock on our home they started threating of filing FIR. and finally on 25 - Nov - 2015 they filed FIR against all our family including me and my wife with Wrong address of us so we did not get any informaiton about FIR and one date has been passed . Charges : 498 a 3/4 , 323, 504,506 Now FIR is in Mediation court and our lawyer is suggesting that he will try to cancel this FIR from HC. My Father Spent 4.5 Lack on my brothers marriage because My brother's inlaw were showing that they are very poor and can't spent money. My Parents are very simple and innocent and now he has been traced in this all . I want to give lession in socity against false charges and 420 . I want your hand to join with me Thanks & Regards