Salary is not paid to me from last 8 month

Dear All.. • I Yashawnt Sakpal 26yrs residing in mumbai, worked in a NGO name AARJU FOUNDATION for last 2.5 years on a project wit every 6 month contract term . • Project was on HIV prevention from 1 Nov 2012 to 31 May 2015 ( 1 month June 2015 was extended ) • Before march 2015 all salaries were paid to me ( it was hard task to get a pay as director thinks that salary was frm his pocket althought it was international funded project ) • From march onwards their was lack of fund from our funding agency so all were requested (13 staff ) to wait. • Its was almost may for the shut down of project still 1 month ( june 2015 ) was extended . • Agency had already told that pay will be only for the month of APRIL MAY & JUNE 2015 no further then that but still our director convinced us to stay as he was going to arrange fund. • As it was very clear that funding agency will not approve the fund after june ,i planned to resign an search for another job as i m the eldest son of my family with an responsibility to fullfill ,so i would wait for fund to come so i search new job . • When i told my director verbally that i will not continue after june as their is lack of fund which makes me insecure to work here so he assured me for the post of manager if i stay and work which i refused to do so which made him more aggressive towards me he insulted me verbally so i thought its btter i move out from here as i believe in leadership not in dictatorship. • Now on 15th December ( 5 month later) Agency transferred the fund to NGO’S account. • From 13 staff members 4 lift the job to search other job, but who remained their were promised by director verbally to pay 8th month salary as fund is transferred in ngo’s account . • But nothing happend this way coz fund was of only 3 month April May June 2015 as it was cleared by funding agency. • Staff members who remained their in the hope of 8th month salary were paid only 3 month pay . • And as 4 of staff lift ( not together ) were refused to pay saying you have resigned organization so how can you claim the pay .and i was told that i lift the organization so i cant claim it. Is this really valid ? • Although all staff were till june only 4 lift ( one of them is me ) after june for search of other job opportunity • How can i claim my salary ? as it was my paid day. • My name is in attendance muster n signed till june 20 2015 • Job contract letter is with them