Non compounded increments for Ph.d.

Sir I have joined as assistant professor in NCERT after serving in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya for more than 9 years, through proper channel. Before joining in NCERT I have acquired NET and Ph.d. In principle the NCERT has agreed to give me pay protection for my earlier services and increments for Ph.d. Now there is a doubt: Whether 5 increments should be given?( I have done my Ph.d in 2008, from Allahabad University) NCERT is saying since you have not done course work therefore as per ugc regulation 2010 you wil get only 3 increments. My querry : When i have done my Ph.d. before ugc regulation 2010, how it can be applied in my case. Now suppose they are giving at present 3 increments, will that be calculated on my basic salary before pay protection or after pay protection. eg. I have joined in [deleted] + AGP 6000. My last salary in JNV 17590+ 4800= 22390 (in [deleted]) NCERT is protecting my salary as 17590+6000=23590 ****is this formula for pay protection is correct? **** How to calculate Non compounded increments? They are calculating like 3% of 21600= 648 rounded off to 650 and three increments will be now 1950 I think it should be like 3% of 23590= 707.7 rounded off to 710 and three increments should be 2130. Please clarify.