498a with DP 3/4, Scrapped 66A and SC/ST Attrocities

Dear Learned Advocates, Above cases running on me, currently I have applied for Cr.P.C 482 in HC, My case is already stayed for 2 times on further investigation. I know nook and corner of the case because I have invested 4 Months on my case. But my Advocate seems not to listen to my words. He has told several times to me, that I will be arrested. Though I have denied his words using several citing judgements, he is not listening that I know the case very well. I have asked how many times have you argued on my case, He says twice, but Case itself is pending in Admission. He said Police will arrest you, I have said let arguments go on, let it come to final argument and then we can see how can they arrest me. I even have conveyed him and IO to do investigation on this false 498a. I have also said this case is fit for Quashing and I myself have drafted many points. But he is C for Compromise, I said no Compromise, Make my opponents to kneel down in front of me. He is hesitant. I am looking for trustworthy Advocate, who can listen to his clients and run cases based on facts and desires of clients. I am based in Bangalore and also shed some light on the events which happens in 482 Cases. I am working out for NOC, will finalize in a day or two. Regards, Arjuna