About Ex-party ?

Sir am raghavendra. I got ex-party order before 4 months. My x-wife not appear to court regularly, after long struggle i got this order. i have 4 years girl baby from beginning itself baby not with me. My baby care of her father & mother she not in india past 3 years till now. My question is she can put any case against me in future its any possibility. She can claim any amount in anytime if i married or not. She earning good salary now even can claim anything from me . If she committed or married with someone she can able to fight for my baby & property. In future she use my baby like tool to get any legally settlement. She have right to give my baby for adoption without my knowledge. I got appointment order in gov going to work, she can able to give any trouble in my gov job (career). I married on 2009, age of 23 applied for divorce in 2012 ground of adultery. After she ready for mutual consent we wait 6month period next she cancel that too given me lot trouble. I got ex-party order on sep 2015 in family court of chennai. My parents wants me get married again But i have a lots of confusion i can't take any decisions Pl help me for this solutions.