Passport freezing

Dear sir I had a dispute with one of relative.He took the cheque of rupees 1.5 lakh given by me to pay for my daughter for govt scheme.Later we caught him and took to police station.He agreed that he took away my money.Now court case is going on. He worked for me for diary business for one and half year and and he is claiming now that I didn't pay for his salary.But we produced all the evidences how he recieved the money from dairy business. Now main issue is every time he is coming and making irritation by fighting.I stay in abudhabi and my brother stays in bangalore. He is threatening that he will ensure that my passport will be frozen so that I can't travel abroad and work. Right now I don't have any cases and how can I will avoid this travel ban in future. Police also afraid because he filed case against them in NHRC and threatening them that I will burn in front of policè station like that. Please advice what precautionary measures I can take to avoid this travel ban or passport freezer in future legally. Thanks Venkat