Against mental harrass ment for dowry

Sir i got married on 30 April 2015 and i stay at my in law's house only for 13 days because they started to demand the cash and jewelry which i say no and when i say no to their demand then my husband and his whole family tried to beat me when i objected then they called my father and brother that they should take me from their house by making excuses that i am not respecting them and giving abuse to them when my father bring me to their house till now they are trying to take divorce from me by accusing me and my family for various cause. some elders of my family and society tried to mend our relationship but all was in vain then they tried to pressurize to us that they will give me little money but when i refused from then they are mentally harassing me and my family by accusing us.when i reached the women cell of my area of Delhi then by bringing a lawyer with them my husband and his family send us a legal notice in which they accused me for theft and said that i have taken all their money as well as belongings. sir i am very upset because my father is a labour who earns his livelihood very hardly and he took the money for marriage at higher interest rate now besides giving our goods and expenses they are accusing us for false cases and threatening me that they will fix my whole family in false cases sir in this condition what should i do ,where should i go and how i can get any legal help against their false cases ,legal notices and threats because my family is mentally very disturbed.