Contract violation

Me and my few friends works for an organization as an 3rd party contractual employee. My contractor has been very rude, arrogant since the time we have joined. He asked us to pay few security deposit for the job. We did it as he said he will pay us well. But its been 7 month and not even a single month has went where we had to fight for our salaries. Many time it had happened we were paid after 3 months only after the interfere of the organization we works for. Now also we have not been paid our November and December Salary. Whenever we ask for the same we get arrogant reply for not paying the same. This is not the only problem. In the contract letter it is clearly mentioned the benefits we will be getting once we join the company. Not even a single of them has been fulfilled, that includes :- Salary on time :- Allowances :- Details about PF and ESIC :- Protective clothings What legal step can me and my friends can take in this situation because now the organization we worked for has put their hands up from this?