Fraud complaint registered

Hi, This is in concern that my father do a job in one of an amul distributor in faridabad. After 6 months amul distributor files a complaint that my father did a fraud of rupees 8.5 lacs with them in their sales as my father was in sales department. Distributors maintain a local register in which they mention their daily sales like how much product have been dispatched, how much cash have been collected from shopkeepers and how much have been in balance. My father deposited cash on daily basis and tally the whole amount to the owner and if some amount remains balance then my father said them that this amount is balance with the shopkeepers and after collecting that amount on next day he return to the owner. But the owner did not mention this collection in their register. Now the thing is that owner files a compaint against my father that he did a fraud of 8.5 lacs within 6 months by doing this activity. Owner files a complaint in CIA department faridabad and after filling a compaint CIA officers came to us and by harrasing us they took a cheque of amount 5.5 lacs from us by doing a settlement. This is totally a fraud that is happening with us because everybody knows that nobody can do a fraud of 8.5 lacs in just 6 months in amul supply of products whose total sale is not more than 10 lacs in 6 months. Now my question is that how can we save our money and how can do a stop payment of cheque. Is there any solution which can help us? Please help me out in this as this is really a serious problem for my family. Please help me out Ankit Gupta ([deleted])