Neighbor abusing and giving threat of SC/ST case.

Neighbor living in front of my house belongs to an SC/ST community. They deliberately threw garbage in front of my house when we ask them why they are throwing garbage they started to make it a quarrel, all the family members from their house came in front of my house with stick and stones to harm us.(I have video recording of this). Then they called the police and lodged a false complaint of sexually harassing their girl child by taking into my house on my father who is a govt servant(for getting him suspended from the job). We were called by the police at the police station, they treated my father with a angle of dishonor without hearing our side. We showed the video to the police then only they agreed to let us go home. And again the neighbor went to the police station the very next day taking a false against my family for quarreling with them. They are also threating us with the SC/ST case. Please help regarding this,also share that the if we lodge a complaint with the video then there will be justice done to us.