Mental Harassment

I had a relationship with a girl for almost 7 years. I broke up with that girl due to some internal issues. Now on 30th dec'15 I went to the place after 6 years to celebrate new year with my old friends. I uploaded a selfie that I took in front of her house on MY whatsaap profile dp and wrote in my whatsaap status "FU.. Bitch". What she did was she sent her brothers and friends to the place where I was staying in hotel there were 6-7 people from her side they physically assaulted me and almost kept me as a hostage and they were forcing me to go to the place where the girl is currently staying when I refused to go there they threatened me to keep me hostage for 2 days I was unable to report to the police as I was surrounded by them the whole time I managed to escape and came back to the place where I stay currently but didn't report as I didn't want to disclose these things to my parents and I guess as it happened in other district the FIR would not have been accepted here. However I have friends who have witnessed these things even the hotel staff have seen the threatening and assault which happened there they also took me to the girls parents house. The girl asked those people to bring me to her so that she can punish me by herself. Sir I have not taken any legal action till now but I want to sue the girl, her brothers and friends and her father for mental harassment and physical assault and if not this then any case which may imply in this situation. As while I was in relationship the girl used to blackmail me for money I have the bank statements of transferred money to her name and her fathers name that was an online transaction. Sir Kindly help me in this situation all this happened on 1st jan 2016. Thanks and regards.