Adverse Police Verification for passport while living overseas.

Hello Sirs, I am a Project professional working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Upon expiry of my previous passport, I had applied for renewal in August, 2013 (2 Years, 4 months before). I received my renewed passport in November, 2013 itself and I left for UAE in February, 2014. While, my 3 months stay at my address, I was never contacted for police verification. Even, I stopped going to police station after a single visit. Now, It has been more than 2 years of my living and working in UAE. Recently, I have received a letter from the Regional Passport Office informing adverse police report and have asked for explanation for some alleged suppressing of material information while submitting my passport application. Also, I have been asked for an explaination why my passport should not be impounded. The letter was received at my give home address and after being informed by my family, I immediately sent an e-mail to the passport office affirming that no concealing of information or submission of false information was given by me during my passport application. Further, I have requested the passport office to provide me information about the matters they want explaination. I also requested them that considering my overseas stay, if I can submit my exlaination at any Indian missions(consulate, embassy etc) in UAE. I am still awaiting their response which I have not received till date(after 2 days of sending my mail). I would be grateful to the esteemed member lawyers, if they could advise me on the above explained situation. What shall I do since getting a leave from my present employer is tough and over that the related cost. Waiting for your reply. Thanks and Regards.