Divorce and Property

I need some legal advice on Family Law and any correct legal advice would be greatly appreciated. My wife is mentally disturbed, stubborn and want her husband to be her puppet or else does what her mom say to harass me. She left me twice and came back on her own. Below are my questions If we go for divorce, does my wife have a right on the property I purchased it before marriage. I purchase the property on Loan and repaying it with my income. Does my wife get the property I purchased before marriage if I die? If in question 2 my wife gets my property, What should I do if I don’t want my hard earned property that I purchased before marriage to go to my wife but instead should be given my elderly and sick parents after my death. If I apply a divorce in USA, is it valid in India? even if it is one sided. Can I create a will in USA for the property in India and is it Valid in India as per law? Can I create a will for India from USA using online if I don't have any executor or witness? If I create a video will is it Valid in India? Please provide a solution on how I can save my hard earned property from my money greedy wife who married me for just money. Thanks for any help in advance.