Having and traveling with passport which got by fake documents

Hi sir....i need a suggestion...recently i cam to know that one of a person having a Passport which he got with total fake documents like...he belongs to hindu family 1.before he had a passport and traveled to gulf country i don't know some region he deported back to india. the gulf country stamped banned entry to him again to this gulf country.( means he can't enter this gulf country again, they stamped like that). this time in this passport his name with hindu name and he mention his religion hindu. 2. after facing ban in this gulf country by this passport ..so he want to come back to this country but he can't come with this passport which they made banned.. 3.so he again applied for new passport at indian with all fake documents means his and his father and mother name muslim.now he having passport with muslim name and muslim religion mesnioned but he is not muslim and all name and him father mother name is fake. 4. he got the passport and traveled to many times to india and this gulf country. 5. and he smuggled gold to india also twice he and his friend...one time his friend was caught and he escaped. i just want to know ..if i want to complaint about his fake document passport were to complaien ..and i know his old passport number... please suggest