Criminal misappropriation of furnished govt. regd. ownership flat

CRIMINAL MISAPPROPRIATION OF GOVT. REGD. FULLY FURNISHED FLAT OF ELDERLY COUPLE BY THE SOCIETY SECRETARY ALONG WITH HIS GOONS IN CONNIVANCE WITH THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES Criminals broke into the Govt. Regd. fully furnished ownership Flat of an elderly couple in their absence & usurped the Flat with forged & bogus documents accepted by Sivaji Nagar Rationing office at Govandi ; Dy. Registrar, Co-operative Societies & Trombay Police in FIR 297 / 06 The unbearable atrocities on an Elderly Couple & awaiting your Actions at all levels, especially at the Judicial level, because even after knowing these grave offences & gross violations there is no action by the Relevant Authorities, , Also the I & J Registers of the Society were intentionally destroyed by the Society Secretary & new I & J Registers prepared – as evident by the same ink & handwriting on the pages of these Registers as the Records for the last 36 years ( FOR HELP & ACTION AGAINST THE CRIMINALS -- CONSPIRATORS, ABETTORS & PERPETRATORS ) Criminals broke into the Govt. Regd. fully furnished ownership Flat of an elderly couple in their absence & usurped the Flat with forged & bogus documents accepted by Sivaji Nagar Rationing office at Govandi ; Dy. Registrar, Co-operative Societies & Trombay Police in FIR 297 / 06 Attached is the certified copy of the forged lease deed (half page) obtained under RTI from the Shivaji Nagar Rationing office at Govandi, & a copy of the same lease deed from Dy. Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Konkan Bhavan along with other false statements & reports submitted by the criminal society secretary & his criminal servant Note the contents & the fraudulent alterations in the forged & bogus lease deed, prepared & submitted by the accused along with the false society certificate to obtain initially the ration card no. 603656 in the name of criminal, on the complainants flat address & subsequently the criminals using the same modus operandi, obtained other valuable securities on the same Flat address, in order to substantiate the title to the complainant’s Govt. Registered ownership flat & also to mislead the competent & relevant authorities. Subsequently during the absence of the Complainants, the Society Secretary along with his servants brazenly committed Housebreaking, Criminal Trespass, Theft of goods inside the complainants fully furnished Flat, then the Society Secretary allowed his servants to reside illegally in the Govt. Registered Ownership Fully Furnished Flat of the Complainant till date. When the Complainants returned to their fully furnished Home of 12 years they found the Collapsible Iron Gates locked & Flat Main Door tampered & servants of the Society Secretary staying in their Flat, who swung Heavy Choppers to kill the Complainants, from inside the Locked Collapsible Iron Gates of the Flat, which hit the Iron Gates & dented it. Despite all these evidences & repeated visits, requests & pleas, the Trombay Police refused to register the FIR & harassed the aged Couple to such an extent, that the Victims of such an heinous Crime had to take refuge far away until the Victims could overcome some of their trauma &gather Courage, Hope & faith in the system to start visiting the C.P. office & finally on their 11th visit were able to meet the C.P. along with the order of the S.H.R.C & due to his officers repeated intervention & directives to the Sr. P.I. Trombay ,the FIR 297/06 was registered by Trombay P.S. only simply to comply with the Orders of the C.P. & only to pacify the Victims, because till date the Criminals were not arrested nor the stolen goods recovered & on the pretext of investigations & filing Charge sheet the I.O. delayed & sabotaged the whole case. Then after 4 years, the I.O. stated that none of the serious Offences were committed in their jurisdiction & so the I.O. filed ‘C’ summary report by suppressing vital facts & got the Sanction & Permission for the ‘C’ summary Report after misleading the Law Officer, D.C.P. & Addl. C.P. & submitted it to the COURT which REJECTED the Police Report with directions to Sr. P.I. to re-investigate & report back on 4 June 2010, even then the I.O. intentionally delayed & sabotaged the Case & continued in his wicked ways & submitted false & distorted reports to all concerned authorities. None of the essential ingredients of a Lease Agreement exist in the half page lease deed, also the photocopy of this lease deed did not have a signature; subsequently complainants signature was forged in blue ink, despite which it was accepted & processed by the rationing officers & subsequently by all the other competent & relevant authorities, obviously for pecuniary gains Moreover this forged & bogus lease deed on a Rs. 20/= Stamp paper No.2961, bought on 8 Feb. 2005 from Stamp paper vendor Licence no.243, Shri Pramod Bhosle whose register records exhibits the purchaser’s name Viral Shah & his signature.(Presently with Superintendent of Stamps at Mumbai ) The photocopy of this same stamp paper containing the bogus lease deed was submitted to the rationing office with the live forged signature of complainant, in blue ink; It is common knowledge that both parties to an Agreement must sign the said Agreement which is not done in this Lease Agreement. Moreover there are no signatures of attesting Witnesses nor Receipts appended to this Agreement acknowledging payments of Security Deposit & Rental amounts mentioned in the said Agreement, despite all these shortcomings & devoid of all the essential Ingredients of a lease Deed , the RATIONING OFFICER acted on it, processed the same & sanctioned the Ration Card No.603656, when already Ration Card No.796869 exist in the names of the Victims at the same Flat address, issued by the same Rationing Office; all these facts establishes the criminal role of the Rationing Officers & also because of the fact that a few thousand Agreements of varying specifications are scrutinized & verified by the R.O. annually, enriched his experience of immediately identifying Bogus & Forged Documents Subsequently the name of purchaser on this stamp paper was altered to Vinod Shahetia & this photocopy of the same Stamp paper with improvised forged signature of complainant, was submitted after authentication by the Housing Society Secretary to the Rationing officer, & Dy. Registrar of Co-operative Dept., Konkan Bhavan which was readily accepted by them for obvious reasons. Till 2011 despite repeated follow-ups with the Rationing officer & his staff & the Shivaji Nagar P.S., they refused to register FIR against the fraudulently obtained ration card holder & the Society Secretary for knowingly authenticating a forged & bogus lease deed & submitting the same along with other false statements & society letters to the rationing officer; only after court direction. MECR 1/2011 was Regd. at Shivaji Nagar P.S. with no action against the accused till date. The Dy. Registrar, Co-op Societies; accepted this forged & bogus lease deed authenticated by the Society Secretary along with other false Society letters fully aware that these are bogus documents, the Dy. Registrar passed orders & reports based on these false documents, this compelled the complainant to repeatedly visit, meet & plead with the Dy. Registrar, even then it miserably failed to yield any action by the Dy. Registrar, against the Society Secretary & his servant ;thereby established his criminal intention, nexus, conspiracy & connivance with the Society Secretary to usurp the Govt. Registered ownership flat of the complainant Despite all these evidences & grave offences committed by the accused, these serious offences by the accused continues undeterred to law, till date, with the full & tacit support of the Rationing officer, the Dy. Registrar & the Trombay Police, because the complainants are helpless & defenseless Senior citizens, presently homeless & living in penury The Complainants fervent & repeated visits, meetings, pleas & persistence for 3 years led to the FIR 235/11 at Tilak Nagar P.S. against the accused for fraudulently Transferring the Reliance Energy Electric Meter, onto the name of the Criminal presently residing in the Flat with the help of false Society Certificate. The present Mg. Committee dismissed the Society Secretary because during the Parallel Probe by the Crime Branch, all the forged & Bogus documents which were submitted by the Accused to all the Govt., Semi-Govt. & Utility Offices to obtain first the Ration Card & subsequently this Ration Card along with other false Society Letters enabling the criminals to obtain all the other essentials like, Electric Connection, S.I.M. cards, Pan Card, Bank Accounts in different Banks in the name of the Servant of the Society Secretary on the Flat Address of the Victims, was collected by the Crime Branch & exhibited to the present Mg. Committee, which revealed most of the false letters issued by the Secretary bearing his signatures & Society Seals / Stamps on the Society Letter Heads & Society documents, which amounted to serious & gross criminal misuse & abuse of his official position as a Secretary of Chembur Nirmala Nivas CHS Ltd. Next to BEST Depot, Deonar, Mumbai-88. KINDLY HELP IN ALL POSSIBLE WAYS, ALSO KINDLY HELP WITH INFORMATION FROM YOUR EXTREMELY WIDE CONTACTS & RESOURCES WHETHER THE COLLECTOR & / OR THE POLICE COMMISSIONER & / OR THE COMMISSIONER OF CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES, IS EMPOWERED TO GIVE PROTECTION TO THIS ELDERLY COUPLE TO ENTER THEIR OWN FULLY FURNISHED GOVT. REGD. OWNERSHIP FLAT IN A REGD. CO-OPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY