Harrasment by mother,aunt and sister

My name is Elvis Dcruz married from last 7 years ever since we are married we have not been happy coz of mother my elder sister and my aunt they have been traumatizing, tourchering me and my wife they even tried to divorced me and told me if i don't she will remove my name from the property my wife was at her place for 1 year later I choose not to leave my wife, my mother and her sister threw my belonging out of my house damaging few of my personal belonging they say my wife would never have a baby coz she is been cursed and even in the family they called her (baanz) despite we have informed that she is undergoing medical treatment since few years they have posted stupid thing on social site which they said they never did when we filed a case against her cops are still investigating her IP address now my aunty said my wife is a prostitute so please help us to filled a case against my mother aunty and my elder sister for mentally harassment so that i can leave with my wife peacefully recently she had spoiled our name in our family stating we are not taking care of our bills and is pending since a long time since is have been on my own since march and nothing to do with them no anyone in my family my brother is going to same trauma since he is been married i don't want to loose my temper which would lead in loosing my job and my wife permanently so please advice me