Request for Legal Advice

Dear Sir, I worked in a Pvt. Ltd. company in Hyderabad for almost for 3.5 years. I joined in Feb, 2012 in that organisation. It was a start up company. It is a learning centre for CBSE, GCSE, IB, ICSE & ISC curricula. In the beginning I did not give any contract/service agreement as the things were gone smoothly. But due to some unavoidable situations with other staff, management asked us for service agreement/contract for 3 years i.e. from Aug, 2013 - Aug, 2016. As I had trust and good mutual understanding we signed on it. There was no notice period for resignation. They mentioned only one word to resign "Hardship". The things were good in the next 6 - 12 months. Later there was no trust from the management, and lot of stress in work and the working atmosphere was not supported. And also after 12 months of signing on the bond, we realised that there was no growth personally and professionally. The institute did not provide us any basic facilities and the working atmosphere. They did not provide us any training. They did not provide no salary accounts, no pf, no esi etc. When we asked for our copy of service agreement, the things became worse. At the same time, my parents were not feeling well and I went home and I informed my that I won't be able to come to office. After 15 days, I got good opportunity in my area of teaching and I moved there. I intimated my previous employer that I am not coming to the institution. Initially my previous employer, threatened us by mentioning that we had contract with him till July 2016 or else I have to pay Rs. 1.5 L as breach of contract and he said that he will send lawyer notice. When I concern one of the lawyers, after going through the agreement they said these type of employee agreements are not valid in India and told me to be calm. After few days, my previous employer sent me a lawyer notice to join within 10 days or pay 1.5 lakhs. I contacted the lawyer who sent that notice and told him that I am willing to settle the issue with my previous employer. But now again they sent another notice mentioning that they are not willing to settle the issue and this time they are threatening me by stating that some of the files are misappropriated so that they want to go for civil and criminal actions. When I am ready to settle the issue, they are stating that they want to recover their loss due to my absence which costs several lakhs (their version). Still I don't understand which files are misappropriated as it is a private coaching centre and I teach the subject and make worksheets. When I enquire about these, I never get a unique opinion from the lawyers. I need your valuable guidance and help in this issue. I will be very grateful to you if you can guide me. I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much.