My wife is cheating on me

Hello my name is suman and i am from Hyderabad, i had married once of my friends sister and before marriage only she gave me money of 9000 as a help and after couple of months she had kept a case on me saying dowry and in the police station she took a blank paper signs from me and my father and due to that insult i was forced to commit suicide i left her off then again she was back of me and we both got married to in arya samaj on 26 sep 2014 and after some days she started cheating on me and then later when i found it out she fought with me in the November and went off and with in a day she came back and in the December our parents decided to do offical marriage for the name sake and on 5 jan 2015 and we started living seperately again after 25days she again started chatting with other guys over the phone and she started smoking and drinking and when ever i say that please stop talking to boys she used to fight with me and go to her mom place every 15-20 days we had this fight and later in the month of march she went off and later after so20 days she came back to me and again started doing the same thing and this time we had big fought on this and march she went off and after 1 month she came back to me and then in the may i joined the same company to know what she is up to and she left the job after i join the office and we both talked in office and shifted to other room and later in one month she again started fighting for the sake of her family she wants her brother to be at our home i said no for that she went off and later when i was about to pay the rent she gave the money for the rent and informed her brother saying that i hit her and took the money and they both hit me and throw my clothes from 4th floor and i went and kept a case in police station as i was life threat with both of them and after one month she came threating me that she will die and send me some pic of hanging her self i went and scolded her and made her cool down and said i will shift off and in the mean time she was working in different company and again there also same thing cheating at the back of me again when i came to know she left the job and after that she stayed with me and my family for 3 days in july and left to her home and she never returned to me and later over the phone she had informed me that she got pregnant in august and on aug 15 elders talked and asked her to stay with my family and she didnt agreed for it and later on august 16 she did abortion and they had informed me on 17 and i was shocked and in the month of December she said she had fought with her family and came out for me and i thought to help her and took a room for rent and in 10 days of time she again started cheating with me and doing chatting with other guys and this time she and her whole family kept a case for asking this thing that i am asking dowry and harassment case. please help me what i need to do now? she doesnt feel that she did mistake or her family doesnt care about her life and always change her mind with the help of money and power as her mother works with rci . so she is using all her power and putting case on me and i am not able to talk to my friends as well about my problems please tell me what i need to now ? i came to know they had kept 498 a case on me