What should i do against Fraud with me by a compeney

I'm leaving in Gujarat. One day a company called offering a job in IT Field jobs. They send me informative papers about job and permission letter to do work in bank at IT level. i worked with them from 25Aug-9Oct 2015. they told me about monthly payment of 10,000 rs/month, in which providing 2,000 before for transportation and other requirements. it was the IT Field work in Bank sectors to working on servers in banks. and taking signed records from every work from banks. i did all my work finest and loyal whenever i asked them about payment they said send the records for payment. so i send them all records done by me to them in other state(Bengal), After that they are refusing for payment since last 4 months(25 Aug). Now every thing done they are saying i have not done my job properly and refusing to payment.(2 months ago) then said it some festival time after that there will be payment done. then said not to worry it takes time. then saying why are you asking many times we work all over India its only 10,000rs. you are pity small to us. then they are saying you have argued with us, do what ever you can no one can make your payment from us. now before some weeks they said it take 90 days to clear payment. now last week they said ask us on 1st Jan for payment. now they are not reviving my calls just ignoring them. now i found, they are not from bank sector, they are only a contract services providers in IT fields, they have not paid anyone there fully payments to any working IT professionals, after work done they refuse to payments then taking new IT students from institutes as there first job as me. they have fraud me , wasted my time money and affected me psychologically by hiring me as my first job. they are so far away from me to reach them(all work done on call and emails) now i have no idea what to do... i have there call records,working records,email records and there paper work records copy send to them. please suggest me what to do in this situation , i am totally helpless and morally down please help me soon... Thank you