Vodafone sim block issue

My name is Albert Thomas. I am a Vodafone customer from Delhi. My Vodafone number in concern [deleted] ( Vodafone postpaid corporate number). I had lost my phone and sim card and I had called up Vodafone customer service regarding the same on 31st December 2015 morning around 9:00am and gave them each and every detail of the incident and the agent (sarvjeet) i spoke to assured me the rest and said that a new sim card order has also been placed. The agent also gave me a reference number : 138141520. On 1st january 2016 I just tried calling on my Vodafone number and I became suspicious because it was still saying switched off whereas a lost sim should have been suspended. I went to the live chat space of the Vodafone website and had a chat with an agent Ruksana to whom I gave the reference number and was informed that the order for delivery of sim has been placed but the old sim card is still active which actually shoot my blood pressure high and almost gave me big shock because its been more than 24hrs.. that i have reported my sim stolen and the sim card which is also a postpaid connection is still active in some strangers hands. I work in a corporate world and who is responsible if that stranger just makes some calls to my colleagues and misbehaves or misbehaver with incoming calls as my reputation is at stake. Even such an incident could also lead to my termination from the organisation that i am working in. Or just in case as its new year also and some terrorists misuse this sim card then my whole life is gone it would take me long years to prove that it was not me. This is a serious issue that i had to face being a Vodafone customer and also when i called up the customer service to register a complaint they wouldn't do it just giving me lame excuses that this happened because of some technical fault of theirs and when i ask for the manager they just put the call on hold and then the hold goes on for a long time which incured me much more charges. I had spoken to the following agents on 1st December who really made me feel the worst feelings in the world. 1. Ravi 2. Dharmen 3. Himosh 4. Tenzin And above all that some of them don't even know the authority and powers of TRAI and are working for a Telecom customer service. Actually this has now also led to a situation of mental harassment and privacy. I request you to please take the necessary actions regarding the same and provide me justice. How much compensation can i get for this? I have already registered the complaint with TRAI.