Regarding action to be taken against my husband and in-laws

Hello sir, Good evening. My name is Rama Devi. My husband's name is Vamsi Krishna. We got married in the year 2013. Our's is a second marriage for both of us. I got divorced from my first husband in the year 2011. And the present one is widower, as his first wife committed suicide by hanging. Our's is an arranged marriage. But they married lieing in every matter. For example in the case of his qualification, his bad habits(drink &smoke), properties and his income. They didn't even reveal the matter that the first wife's case is still pending in high court. My husband and in-laws grabbed every penny that I had and also gold which is 3 lakhs worth on the very 15th day after our marriage. There after I happened to check his mobile bills by which it is clear that he is maintaining other affairs. They never cared me or my necessities. It is only me who is running my family. He has been living far away from me saying that he is doing his business. But never gave me a single penny. Though he is earning, he is neither running the family nor returning my gold or money. Now it is very clear that they have cheated us. What shall I do now? I wish to attach this issue with his first wife's case. I feel that if the court had punished him at that moment, my life would not have been spoiled. It's already second marriage. What shall I do now?