Birth Certificate issue

I am not sure whether I have used the correct category but please need help urgently. I don't have birth certificate. I was told by Municipality to approach court in order to have the one issued. I went to a lawyer in the month of August. He assured me that the my issue will be resolved soon but now 5 months have passed and still I have not received any order from court. Whenever I approach him, he says that the case is in progress. He has taken all my original documents required for Birth certificate and says that I will get them back after 2 months. I am not sure but think he is trying to fool me.Can anyone guide me for following questions. 1) Can any one tell me the exact procedure for issuing birth certificate and how much time is required in the entire process 2) He says that he can give me a letter from court saying that my case is pending in the court but is not ready to provide any description about the original documents submitted to him by me in the letter. Is this true? 3) He is asking for more money, Do lawyers provide any kind of receipt so that I can have information related to money paid to him? Thanks in advance for all the lawyers for helping me out in this matter.