Company not releasing my Full n Final Dues

Dear Sir, I had been working with Pvt Ltd Company (Transport Company) since last 6 Years. My Last Salary was Rs 28K PM. I resigned on 17th Oct'2015 (over mail) due to personal reasons. The company did not let me serve my one month notice period and releived me on 26th Oct'15. Now The company is not ready to pay me my Genuine Dues. According to me the following Dues are to be accounted while Full n Final settlement: 1. My EL Balance as on 01.10.2015 is 31.4 & CL bal is 1.5, approx 33 Days Salary is Due. 2. My resignation was given on 17th so atleast 17 days salary for Oct'15 month is Due. 3. I am also eligible for Bonus (as paid to all working staff during Diwali on 15th Nov'15) 4. My Gratuity amount as i served the organization for 6+ Years. 5. One month Notice salary as my notice was due on 16th Nov'2015, but company releived me early. Now the HR management is only saying that i am eligible for approx Rs 45 K. They are not giving anything in writing and are asking to settle the issue by negotiation talk. Please advice what is to be done. I am running into severe financial crises. Regards Dinesh Sharma